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The Digital Evolution Forum was started by a number of industry veterans on a mission to accelerate digital evolution for everyone. 

Business automation and digital transformation has a huge promise of solving big problems but for a lot of organisations, it doesn't deliver on their expectations of digital operations. 

The Digital Evolution Forum team realised that if they could get leaders and experts sharing their best practices and promote a spirit of collaboration, everyone would benefit and therefore increase the velocity of their digital evolution. 

We believe this will have a domino effect as we are convinced that business automation can not only make organisations more agile, scalable, and efficient but it will also enable them to be responsive to ongoing change and maintain digital operations.

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Access a community of executives and experts sharing
experience and knowledge.

Attend exclusive members events with top experts.

Attend conferences both live and virtually.

Receive our content rich newsletter with news.

Participate in smaller working groups and discussion panels. 

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